Amazing video caught on drone ~ Tern Fishing

We left Mt Barker at 6:15am on Saturday the 4th of June, to visit some of the amazing sights Albany has to offer.

To start the morning off, we drove out to the Torndirrup National Park, to see the sun rise.

We went straight to Sharp Point, which looked over The Gap and the Torndirrup Lighthouse. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t up for drone flying, with winds up to 40km/h.

We visited a couple other lookouts around Torndirrup, but each time the wind was too much for us to fly in. So we made our way down to Goode Beach, where we might be a bit more shrouded from the wind.

About 15 minutes into my flight, I was approached by what I thought at the time was a Seagull, but later figured out to be a Tern.

I was a bit cautious at first, and prepared to land the drone in case the bird got a little too curious, but I soon realised that it had no intention of inspecting the drone at all. It was just catching breakfast!

The wind was just strong enough to allow me to get some consistent shots of the Tern, without having to fly backwards at 20-30km/h.

Unfortunately, just minutes after I started recording the bird, rain started to fall and I was forced to land the drone. But none the less, the footage I got exceeded my expectations and is now one of my favourite clips I’ve shot since receiving my drone back in December 2015.

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you’d like to see more drone footage, please check out my youtube channel where I try to upload weekly!¬†

Michael D